I Tried Magnetic Eyelashes!

Before we begin, I need you to understand, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup! With that being said, let me tell you about my eyelash struggles!

Prior to 2019, if I had to wear makeup it was a swab of foundation and a dash of gold eyeshadow (it was the only colour palette that appealed to me AND I did not take risks with makeup). That is all! My lips had Chapstick or plain ole petroleum jelly, I kid you not this was my life!

This brings me to the year 2019. This was the year I decided to take “girlie”, as I like to call it seriously. I purchased different lip colours (this is a story for another time! SERIOUSLY), new eyeshadow palettes and EYELASHES.

My Struggles

I went to my regular drug store and got some lashes with the glue applicator. I choose the lashes that appealed to me the most (simple and cute lol). Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with glue lashes but tell that to my shaky hands and crooked application. If you have tried glue lashes then you’ll definitely understand the struggle.

Glue application lashes

When I tell you I have struggled, it sometimes took me an entire 15 minutes just to apply ONE lash. Don’t get me wrong, the finished product is beautiful, but the road traveled was NOT fun at all.

I had glue blobs all over my eyelids, all over the lashes which led me to magnetic lashes. An easy way out, or so I thought!

Magnetic Lashes

The hype around magnetic lashes claim it is an easy application process and longer wear. Essentially, your eyelids are lined with a magnetic eyeliner and the eyelashes will magically connect. IT’S THAT SIMPLE (in theory). So in my head, magnetic lashes were to be my saving grace, because believe it or not, I was getting tired of applying glue to my eyelids and things getting stuck together. I was tired of the overall struggle.

I purchased my first magnetic lash set on Amazon, it was a generic brand, but I was excited because it had 5 different lash types to choose from and it was inexpensive. The cost to me was $13.99CND and for my starter lashes that’s all that I was willing to pay!

The packaged was quite simple with instructions on the back. Below is a quick summary of how this product works.

  • Shake bottle (magnetic liner) before using.
  • Draw eyeliner along eye shape, ensure line is close to the roots of real eyelashes.
  • Bend magnetic eyelash band to fit shape of eyes.
  • Adjust until perfectly applied.

It gives you application and removal tips as well.

My package contained 5 lash types with different levels of intensity which I like. My excitement grew but I’ll be honest, I struggled even with the magnetic lash application. The same issues I had with the glue applicator I had with the magnetic liner; I do NOT have steady hands. Have you ever tried lining your eyelids to match your eye shape? It’s hard trust me, the struggle is real.

What have I learned?

  • The magnetic eye liner needs to be applied to eyelids at least 10 minutes before you apply the lashes or else they will not connect. TRUST ME I am speaking from experience.
  • A thick line needs to be applied on the eyelid or eyelashes will not connect. Again, I’m speaking from experience.
  • Once the lashes have connected to the liner, do not move or else it will lose it’s connectivity. I did this and had to reapply my liner.
  • The magnetic hold wears off after some time. I got at least 4 hours of wear with my lashes before they disconnect from the liner.
  • Removing the lashes is simple. It’s the liner that takes a while to remove. I had to saturate my cotton swab with makeup remover to get it off. Even after that, I still had residual liner on my eyelids for a few days.

Would I recommend?

Yes. Magnetic lashes are quite convenient. I prefer them to glue lashes any day. The application takes some practice but once you have mastered that, magnetic lashes will be your go to.

Here is a full video of me trying magnetic lashes for the very first time!


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