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Detangle Hair With Cornstarch

If you have been following my hair journey (on YouTube), then by now you know I am always testing and trying new things with my hair all in the name of my healthy hair journey. As I stated in my past hair posts(videos) I am not an expert by any means and even though it…

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Bantu Knots Using Braiding Hair

I used to be the girl who went to hair salons to get my hair styled but all that changed when I decided to take care of my hair myself. I never realized how costly going to the salon was until I stopped going. I spent anywhere between $100-$150 each visit. This may not be…

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My Go-To Hairstyle

Since I have been taking care of my hair, I have been learning how to style it better and what products work best with my hair. As much as I love this healthy hair journey I am on, I get lazy sometimes. I was that girl who always went to the hair salon to get…

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