Self-Care Routine: Cleaning Motivation

When my house gets dark, I know it is time to clean. It is hard to describe but the place may not be necessarily dirty, but the aura is heavy, so I clean. I don’t know about you but when I get stressed or frustrated, I clean. When I say clean, I mean I strip down everything, rearrange throw out clean. It is a form of therapy for me which is a huge form of self-care. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts and frustrated with life so I do something I can control which is clean.

I have never fully realized how therapeutic cleaning can be until I started paying attention to how I felt after I was finished.  It is sad to say that I can go a while without doing any form of deep cleaning, sure I will wipe down and sweep out, but no real cleaning takes place. I started to enjoy cleaning only after I realize my mood and productivity was being greatly affected by my place being a mess, which brings me to my self-care routine.

How I Get Started!

I Clear Entire My Schedule. I make sure I do not have anything of importance to do you know like work lol. Obviously, I eat lol, but I make sure I clear my day so that I can clean the way I want to. (strip-down and throw-out)

I Create My Musical Playlist. This is the most important part of my routine. Selecting the correct songs or genre sets the entire mood for my cleaning therapy. Some days I enjoy listening to soca and dancehall, other days I blast old school hip-hop and to be honest I sometimes I play my ‘liked songs’ from Spotify until I am finished cleaning.

I Create A To Do List. This list is often a mental one. It is a simple rundown of all the tasks I want to complete by a specific time. Even on days where I have multiple things to do, this task list helps me.

I Get My Cleaning Supplies. As simple as this sounds, if I am cleaning one room, I like to have all the supplies I need in said room (or near the room). This keeps me organized, and prevents me wasting time.

I Clean In Sections. I have 3 levels in my home, so I clean each level at the same time (sometimes). I may clean the living & dining area along with kitchen in one shot or bathroom & bedroom in another. I usually start upstairs and work my way down.

I Take Breaks. This is where I eat, relax, and reassess all the tasks that need to be completed. If I am unable to complete a task, I make note and complete it on a later date.

How It Helps!

As stated, when I am frustrated or stressed, I clean, and I am not always in the best mood but once I start my mood changes. Cleaning helps me organize my thoughts and at the same time clears my mind. I feel more relaxed and even energized and once I have my music going my mood changes for the better. It also helps with my productivity levels so I can focus more on other important things.

I am also a person who can clean at anytime, early morning, in the middle of the day and even late at night.

How It Ends!

Usually by the end of my cleaning session I am tired BUT I feel great. Everything is fresh, clean, and peaceful. Laundry complete, dishes are done, floors are mopped, and garbage is out. I sometimes light my favourite candles to end my night.

My stress level is lower, my mind is clearer and in the end this helps with my mood, productivity and helps me sleep. (that’s a story for another time)

Do you have a cleaning routine?


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