Sugar Cookies With Royal Icing

Sugar cookies are a holiday staple which makes them is perfect for a family bake time together! The recipe I am about to share with you mixes in about 5 mins and can be ready to decorate in about 20 minutes. Super easy with endless decorating opportunities. I love this recipe because it bakes well and has little to no spread. Although these are holiday staples, this recipe serves for year-round baking activities, just change the cookie cutters and happy baking.


  • 250g butter
  • 300g granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 75g milk
  • 5g vanilla extract
  • 5g salt
  • 630g flour
  • 20g baking powder


  • Whisk eggs, vanilla and milk together set aside
  • Cream butter, sugar and salt together until light
  • Add egg mixture to creamed mixture a little at a time until incorporated. Scrape bowl repeatedly.
  • Gradually add flour. Mix only until combined
  • Once dough is formed divide into 2. Chill dough for 5-10 mins if dough is soft.
  • If dough is not roll dough with a rolling pin and use cookie cutters for desired shapes.
  • Bake at 350F for 8-10mins. Light colour, golden brown bottom.

Royal Icing Using Meringue Powder

  • 45g Meringue powder
  • 453g Icing Sugar
  • 75g Water

Royal Icing Using Egg White

  • 500g Icing sugar
  • 1/8tsp cream of tartar
  • 95g Pasteurized egg whites


  • Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix.

Things To Note

  • If your dough is soft put in fridge for 5-10 mins to allow it to firm before rolling
  • Cookies have little to no spread which allow them to hold their shape nicely.
  • To change the consistency of royal icing add water 1tsp as a time. This helps to loosen the mixture to get desired fluidity.
  • Use gel food colouring, it will not affect the consistency of royal icing.

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