What’s My Natural Hair Type?

I am sure you have seen articles and videos about natural hair and every single one has a different interpretation and understanding of natural hair. I honestly think and have always said, my natural hair is what grows from my scalp. HOWEVER, your hair can be altered by using chemicals i.e., a perms or texturizers.

The number one thing I have seen when I comes to natural hair, is Hair Typing. The hair typing system was created some odd years ago by a stylist who wanted to market his own hair care line, in a nutshell. (A simple google search will help) I guess at the time it was innocent act and possibly informative, but it has taken on a whole new life.

Based on this hair type charting system, there are 4 main hair types type 1, type 2, type 3, and type 4. Each type (except for type 1) is then broken down into subcategories and that is where my confusion comes in.

Why, you may ask? Well let me tell you, I am sure some of you will disagree with me because you can identify with one subtype however I CANNOT!

Okay, so based on the hair chart I can say I am a type 4 but I cannot say what subcategory I fall under. I have observed my hair and I concluded I have multiple hair textures (types) throughout my hair. The back of my hair has a different curl pattern than the front, the front has a different curl pattern than the middle so how can we classify our hair into just one type?

Below is a look of my hair, can you determine my hair type?

Dry hair with twists
Wet hair after wash day
Dry hair NOT blown out

I think it’s important to know what works for your hair and to find the porosity of your hair but that’s a story for another day! (I’m still learning about this).

As I continue with my healthy hair journey, I will be exploring more natural ways of taking care of my hair, ways to retain moisture, ways to make my curls pop and ways to retain length. I’ve struggled with curl and length retention since I can remember. Did I mention that I have super frizzy hair, yea I am definitely learning more about my hair as the day’s past.

I hope you come along for the journey and we are able to learn from each other.

Check out this video of me doing a hair type test.


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