Temporary Hair Wax Colour

Listen here peoples! Yup this is how we are starting this off lol. I am quite simple and a plain Jane when it comes to my hair. However, I have had a few transformations over the years, like my hair being relaxed multiple times, to my hair being shaved off, to even having my hair bleached and coloured. Just keep in mind that all of that was way before I actually took care of my hair properly. No seriously why do you think I shaved of all my hair lol but that is a story for another time!

My 2017 trim

My good girlfriend and I were speaking one night, and I mentioned I wanted to colour my hair and her response was “not if you want to lose all that pretty hair of yours”. When I tell you, I felt that in my soul lol DEEP DOWN. Please understand, I only started paying full attention to my hair back in 2017, then, I went to a salon for a TRIM, I left with 6 inches off (or more) and had terrible heat damage afterwards.

My hair a few months after the trim

So, adding colour to my hair was HUGE commitment which brings us to my new favourite find!

Temporary hair wax colour somewhat went viral in 2019 or so on social media and piqued my interest. The first brand I found was Hair Wax Paint, but the product was always sold out, so I did a simple google search and Amazon search (let’s be real Amazon has just about anything) and stumbled across Mofajang hair colour wax.

Essentially hair wax paint is a quick solution for anyone like me, who wants colour but not willing to commit to the permanent cause without the damage.

What Colours did I use ?


Yup not blonde, not yellow but gold. I am not going to lie I was super excited for this. I decided to do a bantu knot hairstyle with this colour. This colour is true to itself however it was not as vibrant as I thought it would be.


Now in my mind I was hoping for blood red colour, this colour is not a true red, it is more of a burgundy red if that makes sense.

I did a twist-out style with this hair colour and by far the BEST results. It held the curls from the twist-out with ease!


BABYYYY, I live for this colour. It is a true blue throughout.

Honestly, it’s vibrant as ever, dare I say SEXY! I did a braid out style with this colour but was not able to get the desired style I was going. However, this is my FAV colour so far!


This is my least favourite colour on its own.

Do not get me wrong it is a very vibrant & beautiful colour but because my desired style did not turn out, I am just being biased lol.

Pros and Cons


  • I get to change my hair colour any time I choose all without chemical damage to my hair.
  • The more wax you use, the more intense your colour results will be.
  • The hair wax washes out easily, simply run your hair under water and voila. (a good shampooing will take it right out)
  • It is perfect for a twist-out style, a braid-out not so much; product dries firmly and holds the curl pattern of hair for a few days (up to 4 days)
  • Product may seem stiff in the beginning (after drying), but as time passes it relaxes and hair (twist-outs) gets fuller and bigger.


  • It gets EVERYWHERE. No exaggeration. The application process is messy, product gets all over your hands (wear gloves if you have) but since it’s an easy clean up it’s worth it for a look lol.
  • When the product dries in hair, it dries firmly which makes for an even messier styling process.
  • Product flakes a lot when completely dry!

Would I recommend  temporary hair wax colour?

Yes! This product is for anyone who is like myself and does not want to commit to a permanent hair colour change. Aside from the messy flakes, I plan on using this product (possibly trying different brands) going forward.

The more product you use the more it flakes, so I suggest doing partial hairstyles that include the coloured wax versus the entire head of hair.

The instructions on the package (this particular brand) says to apply wax on damp hair, I DID NOT. If the hair wax washes out with water, why would it apply properly with it! It did not make any sense so I did my own thing!

As you continue to follow my journey, you will come to understand I don’t always follow instructions on packages lol. I try some things my way because I have learned what works for one does not for another.

A full video of my using all 4 colours at once!

Let me know if you have tried using temporary hair wax colour and your experiences with it!


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