Quick Hair & Makeup

Ladies, have you ever wanted to do a quick go to hairstyle that does not require a lot of work? No just me? Learning to style my hair AND do makeup has been challenging. Part of that is due to me not really taking the time to learn how to do it, I always went to the hair salon and I either had someone do my makeup or went without.

Since makeup really isn’t my thing I decided recently, and I mean in the last 2-3 years to learn what works for me. I am not a pro, so you won’t see me using a lot of different products, but I know enough to make my face look good lol. As for my hair, hair salons were my best friends and when I did my own hair, I used any product that was listed for natural hair (BIG MISTAKE). So as apart of this life journey I started doing more.

The look I am sharing with you, to me is simple yet cute and can be spruced up. This makes it the perfect go-to quick styles for any occasion for me. This is by far my favourite look that I have done because of how simple it is. Now some of us girls aren’t blessed with long luxurious hair like others, so we adapt and pay for additives. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair I truly do but with the addition of a little bit of hair (extension) this bun is perfect!

What You’ll Need:

  • Your favourite hair gel- a strong hold is preferrable. I like to use Mane Choice bold buttery gel from Do it ‘fro’ the culture hair line. (this gives me the best hold)
  • Kinky Afro Hair extensions – e.g., Marley hair (you don’t need a lot)
  • A good hair brush – I used a Denman brush (it’s the only brush I have) You need a brush that will allow for a smooth finish.
  • Hair pin – to fasten hair extension in place Hair
  • Hair bands/ties – to hold hair in place
  • Makeup of you choice. I went for a neutral look with bold lips.

What I Did:

Before starting, I decide on whether I want a side, centre, or no part for this style. Choose your best side for the part, your pictures will thank you lol. I then make my part, comb my hair, brush and apply the gel. I brush my hair to make sure every strand is in place (yes, it is that serious lol) and once I have the everything gathered, I use my hair tie to hold my hair (see video).

Once my hair is fastened securely, I braid my ends and wrap it around with another hair tie (do what works for your hair) then tuck. In the end I have a little knob which I will then cover with my hair extensions.

So, I grab a handful of hair (extension), but this is where you decide how much hair you use, then I wrap it around my knob in an X and use hair pins to fasten then twist and wrap around my hair. Once the bun is formed, I add a little more gel on the top then cover while I complete my makeup. I used my magnetic lashes (see here) to finish this look, it’s simple a cute.

I love a good bun, high, low or to the side I am here for a good old fashion bun.


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