Bantu Knots Using Braiding Hair

I used to be the girl who went to hair salons to get my hair styled but all that changed when I decided to take care of my hair myself. I never realized how costly going to the salon was until I stopped going. I spent anywhere between $100-$150 each visit.

This may not be expensive to some but overtime it adds up. I do also think apart of me was just lazy when it came to my hair, so I rather paid someone to style it for me than do it myself. I am still a newbie braider, but I can honestly say I am getting better at it.  See my go-to hairstyle. Click here

What Was Used

Braiding Hair – I wish I can tell you I used 1 or 2 packs of hair, but I can’t, I had some hair that was previously used for a different style. I gauged the amount I would need and used it accordingly.

Hair Gel – I used hair jam to keep my parts neat, but I suggest using a hair product suitable for your hair type. I have frizzy hair and although the hair jam made my hair neat, it still frayed.

Hair Oil – I used my DIY hair oil blend to oil my scalp. I also suffer from dry scalp, so this helps my scalp & hair after styling.

Rubber bands – This was used to attain the style. I tried to braid the hair directly without the use of rubber bands, but I had a hard time completely the style.

Crochet Needle This was used to pass the braiding hair through my natural hair to create the style.

How I Did It?

I started by parting my hair into 12 equal (almost equal) section. Your specific part amounts and sizes may vary due to the length of your hair or even the thickness. You can choose to do jumbo Bantu knots like I did, or you can do them smaller, up to you.

Once parted in sections, I used my hair jam followed by the rubber bands and twisted my hair. It is important to note, the rubber bands are not installed tightly, they are loose enough to allow for hair to pass through (with crochet needle).

When I began adding hair with the crochet needle, I had a little trouble, it is hard to explain (see video) but once I got the hair through it was easier. I covered my natural hair with the braided hair, added some hair jam to smooth it out and began to twist. I twisted it in a rope style fashion to create the look. I continued until my hair was complete.

Why I like It ?

This style is simple which is why I like it! If you know me then you will know how simple I like things lol. It’s quick and easy (once you know what you’re doing) and the style lasts about a week. I wash my hair weekly, so this style is perfect for me!

This is a cute protective style that can be dress up or dress down, either way it’s super cute!


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