My Go-To Hairstyle

Since I have been taking care of my hair, I have been learning how to style it better and what products work best with my hair. As much as I love this healthy hair journey I am on, I get lazy sometimes.

My first attempt of braiding my hair lol

I was that girl who always went to the hair salon to get her hair styled and braided (that was my thing) until one day I decided to braid my hair. I was not impressed lol but then I continued and now we are here. I am not an expert as I am still learning but I graduated from braiding my natural hair to using extensions. I have only ever done this style 3 times BUT it is my go-to style because it’s easy! I sometimes get to a point where I do not want to comb my hair.

My second attempt!

Although I wash my hair weekly, I do not always want to be in a bonnet. I mean I leave my house from time to time and sometimes I want to be presentable lol (if you know me then you KNOW the struggle). This brings my go-to hair style.

My good girlfriend showed me a quick and easy way how to braid my hair using extensions. This came in handy when I stopped going to hair salons for hair styles lol.

The first time I tried this style it was a HOT MESS! Trust me, if you don’t believe it just check this video out!

How I Do It!

My second attempt at my go-to style.

I part my hair in 9 equal portions. This is hard for me because I am not the greatest at parting my hair. My lines are not always straight, and my sections are not quite proportioned. It is a real struggle, but I am committed.

My hair is usually freshly washed and moisturized before I style my hair. I sometimes use hair gels/jams in my hair that in turns allows the style to last longer. However, I don’t always want to use gels in my hair since they are drying.

Here is a detailed video of my second attempt. It was fun to redo my hair.

Why I like it:

As stated, it is quick and easy hairstyle to do. The installation process is fast and the take down is even faster. Now for an inexperienced braider like myself it will a while but the more I practice the faster I get.

It is a cute style that fits into my lazy hair lifestyle lol.

Although I have only done this style 3 times it is for sure a go to style lol. It allows me to give my hair a break because when I get bored I tend to play in my hair. For someone who wants to retain length constant manipulation is not good!

I do need more practice with braiding with extensions

I can wear it up or wear it down, slap some makeup on my face and I’m a new woman!

Do you have a go-to hairstyle that you absolutely love?


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